Living Brave In Love – Book Signing Celebration

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For those who seek to understand themselves and others better, this book is a precious gift! 



It turns out that defining love is much more elusive than it might initially appear.

The word itself conjures up a vast array of feelings unique to each one of us. Until now, I’d considered myself to be pretty astute when it came to this topic. Not anymore. Like many people in their sixties, I’ve had my share of "love experiences." Some good and some not so good. But, after reading this incredible compilation of stories from those who have experienced love from a variety of angles and perspectives, I have a deeper respect for the complexity of this topic. To some, the experience was euphoric and joyful. Yet to others it seemed as if a mystical hex had been cast upon them that trapped their soul.

I am grateful for the journey the authors have taken me on. I’ve gained an immense sense of empathy and compassion for those whose experiences with love were different than my own. And I’m left with a greater awareness of how significantly each emotional encounter shapes us into the person we will become.

Janine Finney
Co-author of The Flip-Flop CEO and Does the Shoe Fit?

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